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What Equipment do I use? And Why?

my Sony a6300 with the Alpha 2500, the 18-105mm f/4, the small rig cage and the Tarion M-02 (left)
and on top of my Crane Plus gimbal (right)

My Main Camera is the Sony a6300 which I still really like. It offers me to record in 1080p/120fps and 4k/30pfs. The low-light performance could be better, but for my uses it performs really good. Especially in combination with my main-lens, the Sony 18 – 105mm f/4.0 OSS G.

I’m filming my Videos mostly in the Sun, so a Monitor is necessary. Based on a recommendation from a friend, I bought the Lilliput a7s, which I am also very happy with, as I have already mentioned on my About page.

For camera movements I use the Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal. I thought about buying the Crane 2 for a long time, but the Crane Plus was more suitable for the weight of my camera. It was also a lot cheaper. In Addition to that, I also got the neewer Dual Handle which works very well and is incredibly light. But the complete setup with camera, gimbal, dual handle and monitor becomes very heavy after only a few minutes. That’s why I bought iFlight universal Gimbal Stand, because I think the DJI Stand is overpriced.

Since I don’t always film with the gimbal or dual handle, I wanted to be able to attach the monitor to the camera itself. Since I didn’t want to break the flash shoe (the monitor is very heavy) I have decided to use a Smallrig Cage. So I could attach the monitor directly to the camera using a monitor mount.

Now to the things I use for photography.

My tripod is the Cullman Alpha 2500, which I mainly use for long exposures, that I take with a Gobe ND1000 72mm in a lot of light. My last purchase was the Tarion M-02, my camera backpack. I’ve only had it recently, but with so much equipment it’s an important helper.

So in conclusion this is my current equipment:

  • Sony a6300
  • Sony 18 – 105mm f/4.0 OSS G
  • Smallrig Cage a6000-a6400
  • Gobe ND1000 72mm ND-Filter
  • Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal
  • Neewer Crane Plus Dual Handle
  • Lilliput a7s 4k Montior
  • Cullman Alpha 2500
  • Tarion M-02 Camera backpack
  • iFlight Aluminium Gimbal Stand