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Who am I?

I am Jan Schäfer, a hobby Photographer / Videographer from Germany.

How did I get into this hobby?

With 12 years I discovered the sport Parkour, and since there were many videos in this area, I started filming and cutting such videos myself. I bought an actioncam and started filming videos of my friends and me training at some spots in my neighborhood.

After years of experience, learning, switching from the sport parkour to high-diving/X-diving, I got more professional and changed to matching equipment (You can see my equipment-list on the corresponding ‘Equipment’ – Page)

In consequence of an injury, and not being able to do sports for a long time, I wanted to do more than just filming. So I got more and more interested in photography. Starting to inform myself about that, I got out and really enjoyed taking photos.

That’s mainly all about how I got into Photography / Videography

I’ll post another Page which contains my whole story soon, so stay Updated!

I hope you’ll enjoy my page, photos and videos!